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Tender Bid Supply provides services and programs directed to serve various target Industries, by integrating its individual clients’ companies, in a Joint Value Creating program serving systems and processes to conduct their businesses and share knowledge.

Our mission is to lead the re-engineering of the target industries by playing key role in creating inter-business partnerships and strengthening organizations and their projects through innovative knowledge based integrated systems.

Project Management Services

We provide Construction, Project and Program Management services in Development and Construction Industry. We provide:

  • Key Individuals in the role of Project Manager or Program Manager to the client organizations’ PMO;
  • Manage clients’ projects through our genre specific PMO with best practices and partner’s system – BizInterface.
  • Project Management Services to Major Projects; and through it improving the maturity model of the Client’s organizations, and ensuring fairness in procurement process through our unique procurement system.

Business & Portfolio Management Services

We jointly create and improve on client organizations’ Strategy Execution Framework that utilizes portfolio, program, and project management, and their common practices to consistently and predictably deliver organizational strategy to produce better performance, better results, and a sustainable competitive advantage. We are inspired to setup on clients’ Project Management Office (PMO) and improve on its maturity model.

Tender and Bids Management Services

We provide Tender and Bids Management services. To project owners, architects, construction and project managers we provide team building services by first benchmarking with them the appropriate target companies and numbers of bids required. With such expectation alignment we target the clients’ preferred contractors and TBS’s Pre-Qualified contractors for the specific tender requirements and coordinate with them to get the right bids. We also provide the same services to general contractors to manage their quotations, for the price lesser than their internal team would cost.