PMO Maturity

Project Management Office (PMO) Maturity

Every organization involved in projects, especially in Construction industry, have systems and processes in place. But their efficiency and effectiveness is determined by how established their Project Management Office (PMO) is? And how integrated it is to their Business Goals and Strategies? Are there quantifiable measures and baselines to achieve PMO maturity?

We provide Organizational Project Management Office (PMO) Maturity Appraisal for organizations, either public or private. Our appraisal for the PMO are not merely within the targeted organization, but also in the broader intra-organizational functions of the companies working with the targeted organization, like vendors, etc. Only in the holistic performance can we identify the level of maturity and seek holistic efficiencies. TBS engages a specific benchmark appraisal system that is specific to the target industry in general, and to Bizinterface in particular.

This Appraisal enables the organization’s sponsors and executives to:

  • Gain insight into the organization’s current capability through the analysis of its current processes and systems in relation to the PMO Appraisal Criteria;
  • Find suggestions on improvements (correct weaknesses that generate business risks) that are most beneficial to the organization through the Bizinterface solutions;
  • Quantify the benefits for the adoption of Bizinterface and provide the implementation plan vis-à-vis the risks and maturity targets.

We are essentially a service provider. But the services we provide are not uni-dimensional. That is we are not merely providing services through our professional resources. Rather we provide holistic services through:

  • integrated software system,
  • integrated and executable knowledge and best practices,
  • serviced by the professionals who have mastered their disciplines and industries.

The approach of our service is unique as we continuously interact, and engage in Research and Development exercises, with our partner organizations, especially BizInterface, to service our clients in their business specific needs.

But there is another facet of our service, which is not only business specific, rather industry specific in which our clients are involved. We engage in the R&D for various industries, which is not charged to the clients, that way we provide a more holistic and continuously improving service to our clients in the future.

Research & Development: Business to Industry

Engaged in research and development, TBS evolve with our partner organizations creating integrated and dynamic Processes, Systems and Technologies in certain strategically selected industries. TBS’s interest is philosophical towards its target industries and aims to either conceptualize new programs or support other organizations with similar visions, to achieving Efficiency, Effectiveness and Economical models. It is not our perspective to support or create patchy solutions to existing problems. A re-engineering of the industries, from within as well as external to their participating disciplines, provides a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to TBS that promises to serve ALL connected participants. TBS’s mission includes the creation of flexibility for time-pertaining-changes.

Our interest is to develop integrated knowledge within the target industries at the same rate as technological advancements that transforms the industries. The changes planned are tested, adjusted and implemented by either developing marketable products under separate corporate structures, or supporting others’ products.

Contextual Problems

  • There are multiple participants in each target industry with the knowledge to contribute but the industry is not listening.
  • Each industry is divided by its disciplines and these are trying to monitor industry and propagate knowledge in isolation. There is no overarching interdisciplinary mechanism.
  • Technological advancements are trying to mimic existing industry processes and systems, which have been engineered with paper-based practices.
  • The Technology is narcissistic, mostly concerned with ‘See what can we do?’ rather than asking ‘How can we serve best?
  • Creativity has to be industry centered in order to create Efficiency, Effectiveness and Economical solution