Tender Bid Supply:The Concept

Tender Bid Supply: The Concept

Tender-Bid-Supply (TBS) is the name selected to represent the Process of Fairness that is intrinsic to any service or product delivery. Any Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Customer (B2C) relationship can be represented by this term. The core engagement of this process goes beyond Capitalist or Socialist practices. It stands for the ethics of commerce. Socialism may be a regulatory method for distribution of wealth beyond businesses. The fairness of such distribution however, can be challenged.

,p>On the other hand, Capitalist practice is represented (or probably misrepresented, as “Conscious Capitalism” would say, and I agree) by self-serving businesses and their primary agenda to make money with complete disregard to every other aspect of society.

Against “Conscious Capitalism”, I argue, a fair business market cannot be the sum of subjective and self-centered focus of the business owners, which individually may drive each business successfully, but fails to drive the business market as a whole with mere B2B relationships. The regulatory policies, control organizations, public-private and macro-micro relationships are yet to be explored. For such exploration and research, Tender-Bid-Supply (TBS) as a process term is best suited to represent the ethical and regulatory process of commercial engagements and business relationships.

It is not merely the tendering, bidding and supplying process in certain industries that our company’s name TBS represents; it also represents the fair and ethical ground of relationships, engagement practices, and service/product delivery methods between entities. These entities

engaging together in commercial, industry specific practices and social commerce are individuals, businesses, governing bodies, and professional service providers.

We recognize that in some countries in the world, Tender-Bid-Supply may represent malpractices and illegal favoritism, but in Canada, fairness is the first priority of the Government and this term means what we have described.