About Us

Tender Bid Supply provides services and programs directed to serve various target Industries, by integrating its individual clients’ companies, in Joint Value Creating programs serving systems and processes to conduct their businesses and share knowledge.

Our mission is to lead the re-engineering of the target industries by playing key role in creating inter-business partnerships and strengthening organizations and their projects through innovative knowledge based integrated systems.

Regional and Local industries – for example construction, one of our target industries – has taken its current shape throughout its history in the last century. Most of the processes and systems are paper-based. With the introduction of digital world many companies are providing various software solutions for companies. But primarily they are recreating the century old paper processes as digital papers. We have partnered with some key software companies to create solutions, but we are not engaged in creating ‘digital papers’; we think about the use of information before its collection and integrate that to the solution that can mimic the whole industry.

Since 2010, when TBS was conceived, we have spent time, knowledge and enormous amount of funds to build systems to serve projects and organizations. We have partnered with Odoo providing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system to provide mature PMO within the clients environment while providing Development Management, Project and Construction Management Services to them.

Services to Businesses:

We provide knowledge base solutions to both Businesses and Projects. To businesses we are committed to reduce their liabilities, by primarily creating efficiency in data entry (through removal of various Silos), report writing, proposal writing, Accounts Management, Project Management, Contract Administration, Bid and Quotation Management. We also create business strategy, and plan program and portfolio with the company leadership and tie those to our automated system for tracking. Being engaged with multiple organizations establishing Project and Program Management Office, we have learned that in every organization certain processes and systems need to be established that must be dynamic, apt to change and most importantly, intelligent. Those should follow current standards but at the same time build new and improved ones. Every company requires advisory services that establishes such dynamic business systems. And that is exactly what we do.

Services to Projects:

For projects we provide advisory, planning and implementation services to ensure projects are served in an optimized fashion. Regardless how complex the nature of project is, especially in a P3 configuration, we provide expert resources and act as a ‘Centre of Expertise’. Our services are provided through our expert resources to the related organizations, especially the direct client, in a project. Human resources are bound in another model at TBS. We tap into the best expertise available by integrating them into our BizPartner model. BizPartner model integrates independent resources and employees through a common knowledge, procurement and quality program of BizInterface. It is not merely a human resource supply that most of the companies provide with employee or sub-contractors, rather it is the service platform of BizInterface provided with a common standardized program of TBS. Through this program we can provide the expertise from various disciplines, tied together in the optimized business and project maturity model.