Tender And Bids Mangement

Tender and Bids Management Services

Tender & RFP Documents

We provide tender, RFP & RFQ documents writing services with our indepth knowledge of different services required in AEC – EPC industry. With our legal understanding of procurement we reduce your legal risk upfront. With our professional procurement managers, assisted by construction managers we cover all aspects and technicalities of tender. We work with your internal team to ensure the satisfaction of results. Only with broad stroke description of your project, can we identify the right tender requirements and project delivery methods through our procurement, project and construction experts.

Bids Management Services

Writing tender documents is not adequate to get the right number of bids from suitable companies targeted for the project. What is required is coordination and fair bids management. The primary factor that can get the right number of bids from appropriate companies, is the relationship and trust between the Bid Calling Authority and the bidders. Performing this full time we have numerous general contractors and trade contractors from various disciplines as our Pre-Qualified contractors. To project owners, architects, construction and project managers we provide team building services by first bench marking with them the appropriate target companies and number of bids required. With such expectation alignment we target the clients’ preferred contractors and TBS’s Pre-Qualified contractors for the specific tender requirements and coordinate with them to get the right bids.

Through a similar process, we provide quotation management services to general contractors. With us you can get the best competitive price to win the contract, for a cost much lesser than your internal team would cost in getting these quotes. We even partner with you on certain cases to ensure we get paid only when project is awarded to you. And that is the level of our confidence on our service.