Development & Procurement Management Services

Development Management Services

Development Management Services

We provide Development Management services to various land developers. We provide: projects feasibility analysis, options assessment of appropriate businesses on the selected lands, land selection criteria and report,  budget establishment and management, financing through various financial institutions and brokers, apply for zone change with municipality throughout the multiple reading process, perform preliminary design to the level financing is secured before other consultants can be hired. In other words, all the needs of developers can be managed by our expert human resources throughout the project, program lifecycle of the clients.

Development Advisory

Realize maximum value from your real property investments with appropriate analysis and dependable advice. Our trusted development managers advise to validate project viability and investment decisions. We help constructing alternative financing and project delivery methods tailored to your project and corporate needs. Program governance or project selection and delivery, efficiency, effectiveness and economical delivery is our target.

Tender & RFP Documents

We provide tender, RFP & RFQ documents writing services with our indepth knowledge of different services required in AEC – EPC industry. With our legal understanding of procurement we reduce your legal risk upfront. With our professional procurement managers, assisted by construction managers we cover all aspects and technicalities of tender. We work with your internal team to ensure the satisfaction of results. Only with broad stroke description of your project, can we identify the right tender requirements and project delivery methods through our procurement, project and construction experts.

Bids Management Services

Through a similar process, we provide quotation management services to general contractors. With us you can get the best competitive price to win the contract, for a cost much lesser than your internal team would cost in getting these quotes. We even partner with you on certain cases to ensure we get paid only when project is awarded to you. And that is the level of our confidence on our service.