Competivitive Advantage

We are primarily a service provider, only, unlike others, we believe in a holistic and integrated approach to our service. We believe that we need continuous addition to our skill sets, revisions to our knowledge, and clients to keep us on our toes. For which we have created a Business model in which services and knowledge are interpreted in actionable and trackable system on the automated platform of BizInterface. That means, we don’t believe in Silo Checklists and templates. This approach has taken us to emphasize on Research and Development and continuously evolve our system, grow our knowledge, and train our professionals in an integrated fashion.

Project Management

What we Don’t Do:We don’t stand against all those Project Management companies – and provide our business model against them – who provide Project Management Services through the pool of professionals who are not really integrated into anything. They don’t have project management system, best practices or knowledge to support them, their cost management is not even integrated to contracts, schedule, nothing at all. As per PMI’s OPM3, they have Birth/ Start-up Project Management Maturity level. The only relationship they have with their professionals is invoicing for their work from the clients. These companies charge 250% of the professional’s salary from the clients for no added value that clients can’t get by directly hiring that individual.

What do we Do:We have invested in creating standards, processes and best practices for different programs (similar types and supporting projects) on our partnered system: BizInterface. Our systems are so integrated that once information is inserted by the relevant party, that information is never needed to be re-entered. As per OPM3 we have highest Project Management Maturity Level: “Continuous Growth”.  It means that even if the knowledge of one of our Project Manager’s on various topics (like Project Management, Project Delivery Method,

Project strategy, Construction Management, building systems) is same as that of another Project Managers’ in other companies, at least initially when joining our company, but our manager’s output is way more advance than the same person working in any other company.

Business, Portfolio and Program Management:

What we Don’t Do:We don’t stand against all those business advisers who are trying to sell checklists that are so general that they are not even remotely linked to the clients’ business. Their advises are more religio-ethical than analytically business. How many times have the business owners attended some Business workshops or seminars that provide you with emphasis on items that you believe are not directly related to your operations?

What do we Do:We come with specific questions regarding your business. We first plan and perform assessments. Our assessments are not generic as OPM3 suggests. We have specific questions and methods to acquire those answers from your resources or accounts books. For example, what were the project types that were successfully awarded to your companies? What are the projects’ acquisition costs of those projects? What are their relations with Net Profit? What is the relationship between the Planned and Actual Values of the projects delivered? We know most of the companies do not have this information. But we set you up in the most advanced ways of Earned Value Management System that puts your Executives at an advantage with one glance, enabling them to view the status of your projects and programs instanteneously.

Bid and Tender Management

What we Don’t Do:Tendering is the primary tool of project team building. But it should not be left to chance to build the right team. We stand against all those tendering practices that take a chance in team building, trusting that the right companies are looking at the tender advertisement. We also stand against all those who go for sole-sourcing and do not give equal opportunities to other companies. And most importantly we stand against the polarization of procurement view, in which the only two options are perceived: by-chance-tendering and sole-sourcing.

What do we Do:Tendering is the primary tool of project team building for fair and equal opportunity commitment of TBS. We have open Pre-Qualification method at BizInterface with innovative match-making system that provides the right qualification measuring system for companies valuations, based on the specific needs of projects and programs. With open tendering at BizInterface and bid coordination and management of TBS, we jointly arrive at the appropriate bids and quotes, inducing the right trade and general contractors to participate, therefore building appropriate project-program needs based teams.