Project Services

Project Management Services

Project Strategy & Business Case

Most of the projects require appropriate analysis and strategy to guide the selection, prioritization, and balancing of the portfolio. This ensures the components align with strategic goals and organizational priorities.   We measure and monitor the value to the organization, through key performance indicators, such as return on investment (ROI), net present value (NPV), payback period (PP), meeting legal and regulatory requirements, and arriving at appropriate project delivery method, beneficial to project, program and portfolio.

Through our Project Strategy session and Business Case writing, you would get upfront mitigation of primary risks and identify the best approach to your projects and programs. We carry especial expertise in Public Private Partnership (P3) projects, and can provide the presentation decks, Business Case for Treasury Board and Value for Money Report.

Project Management (PM) Services

Many companies are providing Project Management Services, but do they all mean the same thing? In the property development industry it primarily means Owner’s Representative Role. But depending on the owner organization that role sway from the portfolio to project management role. And the practices and establishment of the PM services providing company, the enactment of such role may mean nothing more than, or combination of the roles of: document manager, report writer or invoice approval authority, intermediary between the Owner and the project team. 5 days of their monthly time spent on Excel sheet making Monthly Cost Management Report, 2-3 days of their monthly time on the MS Word to document the important monthly issues, 2-5 days of the monthly time spent primarily on doing document management, maintaining Controlled Documents Log. Their primary job, however is nothing more than preparing tender or RFP documents for the hiring of a prime consultant and prime contractor.

Contrary to the above cases, our PM services comes with a complete integrated PMO. We can also provide resource to work on the client’s PMO and add onto their PMO as necessary..

You will Achieve:

  • access to our PMO on our TBS system for certain size projects;
  • all projects participants are provided the access to project system on TBS;
  • cost management is integrated to contracts and schedule, thus providing live report on the Earned Value Management System;
  • easy tendering and bidding exercise through TBS;
  • knowledge of different appropriate RFPs and Tender documents for fast turnaround;
  • efficiency in data entry if all parties work through the same system of TBS;
  • instantaneous report writing and submission with automated update of project status;


  • simple and integrated easy contract execution and bidding process;
  • integrated risks, issues and tasks tracking;
  • schedules are integrated to contracts to control schedule contractually;
  • And various other features for the establishment of Program and Portfolio Management.
  • integrated accounts payable and receivable with contracts;
  • automated invoices through project cost management;
  • integrated cost management to schedule to achieve 360 View of the project;